Celebs Style: Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa Wearing $365 Kokon To Zai One Piece Church Printed Shorts With Trousers

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Back in August, Big Sean was photo’d out in Los Angeles and he was wearing $365 Kokon To Zai One Piece Church Printed Shorts With Trousers paired with a (3-pack $645) black Balmain Tee-Shirt  and his signature Adidas sneakers.

Somewhere in the world on his 2050 tour and promoting his new album, O.N.I.F.C. which arrives next Tuesday (December 4), rapper Wiz Khalifa performed for a large crowd. During his set, Khalifa rocked a pair of Kokon To Zai One Piece Church Printed Trousers from KTZ 2012 Collection. He completed his outfit with a white tee-shirt, black jacket and Air Jordan sneakers.

Wiz Khalifa pic via Jetsxgang Tumblr

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