Jay-Z, Beyonce & Ty Ty Attends Brooklyn’s Barclay Center For The Nets Vs. Knicks Game

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Jay-Z, his wife Beyoncé and childhood friend/road manager Ty Ty attended the Nets vs. Knicks game at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center. I guess Brooklyn is the best borough in New York because they defended the Knicks 96-89. As always Jay kept it casual in sweater, camo pants and Air Jordan sneakers. Bey looked cute in a black sweater and leather leggings paired with royal blue suede pumps. Speaking of Bey, she is working on a new HBO documentary and will be performing at the Superbowl during halftime.

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1 Comment

  1. College Dropout

    November 27, 2012 at 9:38 am

    This is one couple I truly love and admire, self made individual’s but together are the definition ofa power couple. Bey looks stunning as always, love her in bangs. Hovito looks like a breath of fresh air in his sweater. and camo’s. Everytime I see ty-ty I remember state property and how he wore them big ass do-rags however he kept it dope boy fresh with denim and tims yet sophisticated with a nice scarf. All three of them look nice. I’ll make sure to catch my Bey on HBO.

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